Common CPAP machines available in Australia

Common CPAP machines available in Australia

Common CPAP machines available in Australia

There are three main types of CPAP machines available in Australia.

CPAP masks with a whole face

This is the kind of CPAP machine that is used most often for CPAP therapy. This mask, as suggested by its name, covers the nose, mouth, and part of the face. It helps to give the most protection against leaks by having a strong seal. It is often hard to seal off without taking it off. This mask is extensively used at the moment. Some people who use the mask could feel claustrophobic. People also mention how the size of the mask can make it difficult for them to watch TV or read.

CPAP nasal masks

For people who prefer to read in bed, it could be challenging to do so given the time needed how to use cpap machines. They could have trouble reading if they’re wearing a full face mask since their line of sight can be obstructive. You can read your material with ease thanks to the more compact design of CPAP nasal masks, which do not entirely cover the nose.

CPAP nasal pillows

If you want to buy a CPAP machine online, try CPAP nasal pillows. The development of technology compelled us to think beyond the confines of traditional masks and develop fresh methods for delivering pressure directly to the user’s air canals. Nasal cushions are the answer to this. These pillows, which are little objects that are attached to each air tube carried by a CPAP machine, aren’t exactly masks. The pillows include an opening at the end of those tubes that may be placed directly into the nose to avoid occlusion while you sleep.

What Factors must You Take into account before buying a CPAP mask online?

Now that we are aware of the many cpap machines online that can be purchased, the following considerations should be made before choosing a CPAP mask.


Taking into account what makes you comfortable may help you make a choice. Make sure the seals are in place and that you can wear the mask for lengthy periods of time without experiencing any pain before judging your degree of comfort.

Common CPAP machines available in Australia

Sleeping practices

How you sleep will also have an impact on the CPAP machine you choose. If you often toss and turn while you sleep, the standard mask won’t work.

Size and sealing of the mask

Take into account the mask’s size when making a CPAP mask purchase. A suitable mask should be selected depending on the pressure and fit.

Information on therapy and equipment

If it is advised that you start treatment at a higher pressure, you will need a mask that can tolerate it. Some gadgets will have specifications for their own masks. As a result, you may decide what to use depending on that.

Follow these five easy steps to get the best-fitting CPAP mask:

Recognize how to sleep

This stage is really important if you’re looking for the best CPAP machine for the first time. When they are sleeping, some individuals like to breathe through their lips. Some individuals never breathe through their lips; they only breathe through their nostrils. While drifting off to sleep, some people first breathe through their lips before switching to their nostrils. How do you figure out what you sleep like? If you are uncertain, ask someone! Your bedmate would be knowledgeable. Whether a friend or member of your family has seen you sleeping, ask them if you should spend the night alone. Once you are aware of your sleeping patterns, you may start to think about different CPAP machine models.

Do you Alternate Your Position While You Sleep?

The seal between the mask and the face may break as a result of frequent position changes as you sleep, which may be painful for you since air begins to shoot out the side and may mean you need a new mask. The first step in choosing the finest CPAP machine is to be aware of how you sleep.

Common CPAP machines available in Australia

Do you inhale or exhale via your nose or mouth?

A nasal or nasal cushion CPAP mask can be the most comfortable choice for you if you exclusively breathe through your nose. Start thinking about full-face or hybrid CPAP mask solutions if you like to breathe via your mouth and nose while you sleep. A hybrid CPAP mask comes with both a mouthpiece attachment and a nasal cushion attachment. You may still use a nasal mask or nasal cushion if you have a chinstrap to keep your lips together and breathe through your mouth.

Choose the CPAP mask size that you need.

This period could be the most confusing for CPAP newbies. It can be difficult because of its size.

Mask sizes are one item to keep in mind. Masks come in a wide range of sizes, including extremely small, tiny, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Examples are the CPAP devices for small faces. In the language of another brand, a giant can be extra-large. As an alternative, you could need CPAP masks for wide faces, depending on the type. To establish the size you need before making a purchase, you may print out a PDF fitting guide from many of our mask pages.

Most nasal and full-face masks come with a fitting instructions for CPAP devices. You should not use one CPAP machine fitting guide to determine the size of a different kind of mask since mask fitting guidelines are specific to each type of mask.

Purchase a New CPAP Mask

After measuring your face and following a CPAP mask fitting guide, you can now buy a mask. If you can, get a few different masks (and purchase Return Insurance so you can return used masks for a full refund). Or follow this professional advice and only buy masks that have free return insurance. Remember that if you do not have Return Insurance from, you cannot return a used CPAP machine. When your new CPAP masks come, try each one on and then tinker with the tightness until you feel comfortable.

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